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Artist: ALCHEMIA Jewellery

Amonite Necklace Seahorse Pendant

Artist: ADAM FREW Ceramics

Small Lidded Jar Small Bowl Small Bowl Small Bowl Small Bowl Small Bowl Med Bowl Med Bowl Med Bowl Med Bowl Sm Round Pot Large Bowl Vase Vase Mug Mug Flat White Flat White Flat White Flat White Med Jug Med Jug Small Jug Small Jug Small Jug Blue and White Mug Orange Base and Blue Design 2 Cup Teapot Green Abstract Med Jug Green Abstract Sm Round Pot Green Abstract Beaker Beaker Beaker Sm Bowl Sm Bowl Sm Bowl Sm Jug Med Jug Med Jug Lg Bowl Med Lidded Jar Med Lidded Jar Med Lidded Jar Med Lidded Jar Small Lidded Jar Small Lidded Jar Small Lidded Jar

Artist: ANDREA FRAHM Jewellery

Silver Necklace Hammered Multiple Disc Smoky Quartz Leaves Earrings Pearl Leaves Earrings Pearl Shrimps Earrings Acacia Earrings

Artist: ANDREW HILL Ceramics

Deep Bowl

Artist: ANN KELLY Paintngs

Dappled Light Strumble Head To Pastures New Lower Fishguard

Artist: ANN KENNY Ceramics

Med Bowl Large Bowl


Allan Morgan Landscape long Shoreline Small

Artist: ALISTAIR McCALLUM Jewellery

Mokume Gane Round Earrings Sil and Gilding Round Earrings


Aardvark Sitting Terrier Lion Lion Tiger Tiger Horse & Rider Greyhound

Artist: ALAN PARRY Artist

Venice 2 Cotswold Garden Blue Haze Summer Warmth The Walled Garden Wonderland Garden Florentine Garden Field of Dreams The Village Pond The White Parasol Equus The Visit Cider Apples Country Dance The Mirror The Gatehouse, Charlcote

Artist: ANNIE PEAKER Ceramics

Reclining Mama on Bed with Cat Yellow Big Mamma

Artist: ANIA PERKOWSKA Ceramics

Brown stripy Bowl XL Brown & White stripy Vase Smll Brown & White stripy Vase Smll Brown & White Mugs Brown & White Mugs Brown Stripy Mug Brown Stripy Mug Brown Tall Vase Brown Tall Vase Brown Tall Vase Brown Tall Bowl Brown stripy Bowl Med Brown Tall Bowl Brown Small Bowl Brown Small Bowl Black & White Bowl Black & White Bowl Tall Black & White Bowl Large Black & White Bowl Brown Stripy Vase Lge Large Brown Stripy Vase Medium Brown Stripy Vase Brown Stripy Vase Med Brown & White stripy Vase Med Brown & White stripy Vase Med

Artist: APERO Jewellery

B Ring Pendulum Earrings Pendulum Earrings Earrings E/R FWP+ Bar E/R FWP+ Bar GP E/R Stud Ball with FWP E/R Stud  Cylinder FWP Studs Navy 5mm Studs Orange 5mm Studs Pink 5mm Studs Metallic Blue 5mm Studs Light Blue 5mm Studs Silver 5mm Studs Black 5mm Studs Gold PL 5mm Studs Blood Orange 6mm Studs Grey 6mm Studs Orange/Gold 5mm Studs Red/Orange 5mm Long Cylinder Drop E/R

Artist: ATELIER REISTER Jewellery

Silver+18ct+Diamond Brooch Silver+Grey Pearl Ring Silver+Grey Pearl N/L Silver/18ct+Blue Topaz Ring

Artist: ADELE TAYLOR Jewellery

Ring with Rose Cut Grey Diamonds Diamond Ring - Pair 10mm Green Amethyst Ring 5mm Sky Blue Topaz Ring 3mm Iolite Ring Ring/2.5 mm G Garnet Ring with Rose Cut Diamond

Artist: ALI TOMLIN Ceramics

Tall Cylinder Vase Tall Jug Large Bowl

Artist: ANNABET WYNDHAM Jewellery

Seven Shape Brooch Four Shape Necklace Painted Plywood Hook Earrings Seed Head Necklace Half Oval Studs Odd Plywood & Silver Studs


Lobed Bottle with Rim Tall Vase Round Bottle Green Pedestal Dish Round Onion Bottle Tall Vase Round Indented Vase Open Neck Vase Oval Bottle Small Red Teapot Red Teapot with Over Handle Small Celedon Bowl Gold Leaf

Artist: BECKER DESIGN Jewellery

Earrings Necklace 18ct Gold Pendant

Artist: BRIAN EBURAH Jewellery

Niobium+Sil+18ctgold+Dia E/R Earrings Brooch Green Tourmaline Brooch Pink Tourmaline & Diamond Brooch Pink Tourmaline Pendant Ring Champagne Diamond


Rufus (Chicken) Rufus (Chicken)


Red Fire Scorched Earth IV Pond Deep Sea El Chorro II Heavenly Bodies - Earthwise Network Alchemy IV Inferno I Warming Copper III Alchemy V Hot Rock VII Anita's Angel 3/100 Moonstruck Lovers 8/100

Artist: BUG Jewellery

Shampoo & Set Necklace Five Little Ducks Bracelet Tilley's Toast Necklace Sunny Side Up Necklace Mrs Corbett's Kitchen Necklace Egg & Spoon Necklace Mrs Corbett's Colander Necklace Nice Weather for Ducks Necklace Chicken Studs Chicken Necklace Piglet Necklace Sheep Bracelet


Fast Lady Boat Annabelle Boat Genevieve Boat Primrose Boat

Artist: BARRY STEDMAN Ceramics

Med Vessel Large Vessel Medium Vessel Green Small Vessel Green 'Shadowlands' Medium Vessel 'Shadowlands' Small Vessel 'Shadowlands' Small Vessel 'Shadowlands' Large Vessel 'To Find a Place' Medium Vessel 'To Find a Place' Medium Vessel 'To Find a Place' Small Vessel Thrown Vessel with Blue Thrown Vessel with Yellow Thrown Vessel with Blue and Yellow Thrown Vessel with Blue/Yellow

Artist: CHARMIAN BEATON Jewellery

Ring Stud Earrings Stud Earrings Star Bracelet

Artist: CLARE CONRAD Ceramics

Straight Vessel Small Straight Side Vessel Small Vessel


Grey Whippet Small Pig Mini Pig Pig Mini Pig Medium Spaniel on Hoop Dachs with Ball Small Sausage Dog Med Basset dog Rat Brown Standing Sheep Lying Sheep Foxes on Hoop Woman & Dixie Pig Rolling Bully Rat Pig

Artist: CLASSIC FINE Jewellery

Long Drop Earrings Twin Band Ring Solitaire Ring Heart Ring Princess Cut Ring Solitaire Ring Heart Ring Maze Earrings Solitaire and Set Shoulders Ring Square Tennis Bracelet Silver 5 Band Textured Bangle Multi Strand Ring Tiny Heart Studs Ring Boodled CZ Gold Vermeil Spagetti Ring Sapphire CZ Earrings Earrings Tiny Blue CZ Earring Solitaire 1/4ct CZ Earring 5 Pointed Star Square CZ Solitaire Ring Heart CZ Ring Double CZ Heart Ring Earrings Swirl with Rose G.Plate Swirl Leaf Bracelet Leaf Necklace Earring twin Organic Drop Lily Stud Earrings Wreath Bangle Open Ovals Bracelet Spun Spring Bangle 3 Band Russian Bangle Double Bangle Slinky Bangle Twist Collar

Artist: CAROLINE FINLAY Jewellery

Blue Drop Seaweed Earrings Blue Drop Island Earrings Blue Drop Island Oxide Earrings Plum Drop Island Earrings Grey Island with Arch Loop Earrings Teal Long Buoy Earrings Tidal Plum Necklace Small Plum Island Necklace Teal Tidal Double Drop Earrings Orange Double Drop Tidal Oxide Earrings Green Double Tidal Drop Earrings Large Grey Island Earrings Blue Grey Flotsam Loop Earrings


Patchwork Poppies Lines and Circles


Round Pot with Bird Stopper Small Round Pot Large Vase Shaped Vessel Small Pot Large Vessel Tall Bottle

Artist: CAROLYN GENDERS Ceramics

Wake Up Spring Small Vessel Mauve & Grey, Blue Net Vessel Small Open Vessel I Small Open Vessel II Euphobia Euphoria Iridescence Vessel (Med Green) Elderberry & Teal I Vessel Elderberry & Teal II Vessel Cold Sky, Warm Water Wake Up Spring Small Vessel Constantinople Horizon Incomplete Bicycle Orange Green Bowl Orange Green Small Vessel Eau de Nil Vessel Eau de Nil Small Vessel Abstract Red Vessel Nickel & Mauve Vessel Snow Storm Vessel (Black & White)


Trinity from the River Polperro View of Stepper Point No Boats Today, Tenby Above St Mawes Bancroft Shadows Loch Shieldiag Blue Shed


Blue Dog with Orange Leaf Creature with Copper Antlers


Twist Earrings Twist Necklace Thins Twist Bracelet with Gembeads Pendulum Drop Earrings Heavy Gauge Twist Necklace with Gembeads Two ThinsTwist Necklace Two ThinsTwist Necklace with Gembeads Twist Stud with Gembeads


M Thinking of You


Small Pinnate Vase Small Pinate Vase Dizzy Spiral Vase Jade Offering Bowl Gold Amethyst Dizzy Bowl Aqua

Artist: CATHERINE RICH Ceramics

Medium Bowl Small Bowl Blue/Gold Small Dish Small Dish Tiny White/Gold Crystalline Bowl Tiny White/Gold Crystalline Bowl Lustre Bowl Small Med White/Lustre Bowl Lustre Pot Small Tiny Blue & Gold  Bowl Small Dish Round Vase with Scrolls Azurite Med Bowl


Large Round Pot Med Round Pot Tall Upright Pot Med Round Pot Small Round Pot Small Pot with Long Neck Tall Pot with Long Neck Med Upright Pot Small Round Pot Large Tall Pot with Long Neck Small Blue Pot Med Round Blue Pot Tall Blue Vessel on Base Tall Black/Grey Pot Pot Pot Tall Blue Med Blue Medium Round Pot

Artist: CATHERINE THOMAS Jewellery

Silver Textured Ring with Pear Rutile Quartz set in 18ct gold Silver Etched Oval Earring with Barley Twist

Artist: CRAIG UNDERHILL Ceramics

Small Ceramic  Slab Built Pot Small Ceramic  Slab Built Pot Small Ceramic  Slab Built Pot Large Ceramic  Slab Built Pot

Artist: COLLETTE WAUDBY Jewellery

Dreki Drop Earrings Botanica Stud Earrings Dreki Stud Earrings Leaf and Twig Bracelet Medium Drop Spiral Earrings Large Dreki Spiral Bracelet Small Botanica Stud Earrings Small Link Botanica Bracelet Elipse Pendant Leaf Twig Necklace Leaf Twig Necklace Dreki Pendant

Artist: DEBBIE BARBER Ceramics

Large Bird with Stand Large Bird with Stand Chicken Small Bird Large Bird Large Bird Large Bird Game Bird Game Bird Blue & Pink Bowl Grey& White Bowl with Foot Tree Form Bowl Tall Pedestal Bowl Heart Heart Heart Heart

Artist: DECO ECHO Jewellery

Quartz and Oxidized Silver Woven Bracelet Drop Earrings Lattice Earrings Shell Shaped Flower Ring Scratched and Satin Silver Necklace Earrings Purple Pin Disc Bracelet Round Disc Necklace Oval Link Bracelet Rod Section Necklace Flower Earrings Rope Ring Black&Grey, Oxide and GP Necklace Earrings Drop Rose Circle Necklace Multi Oval Disks Brushed Gold Plated Pendant with Oxidized Chain Bracelet Oval Brushed Silver Flower Earrings Bud Flower Earrings Large Ovals Pendant Double Oval Earrings Twisted Hoop Earrings Pendant with 3 Squares Round Disc Necklace Stud Buds with CZ Silver and Oxidized Silver Tube Necklace Drop Earrings Oval with Fold Soft Oblong Drop Earrings Leaf Medium Studs Drop Angular Earrings Necklace Irregular Shaped Drop Random Shaped Earrings Drop Flower Earrings Stud Flower Earrings Drop Earrings Triangles Black & White Circles Bracelet 3 Circles Drop Earrings Black & White Circles Necklace Squares Necklace Squares Earrings Drop Oval Earrings Necklace with Small Squares Drop Square Earrings Dot Stud Earrings Wavey Bangle long Pod Earrings Oblongs Necklace Leaf Drop Earrings Leaf Drop Earrings Circles Silver & Oxide Bracelet Circles Silver & Oxide Necklace Circles Drop Silver & Oxide Earrings Haematite, Silver & Oxide Necklace with Shapes Square Silver & Oxide Earrings Rectangle Silver Earrings Oxide Concave Pentagon+CZ Earrings Silver Pentagon Open Scratched Earrings Goldplate Pentagon Open Scratched Earrings Small Open circle SilverEarrings Open Leaf Shape Silver Earrings Silver & Oxide Circle Necklace Irregular Shaped Oxide & Silver Earrings Irregular Shaped  Brown & Goldplate Earrings Drop Large Leaf Oxide & Goldplate Earrings Drop Medium Leaf Silver & Goldplate Earrings

Artist: DAVID JONES Ceramics

Oval Pot on Pedestal Oval Bowl on Pedestal


Taking Flight Small Kestrel Bust Peekaboo Sitting Hare Mouse in Conker Flying Tawny Owl  Small Standing Otter Wren on a Nest Gossip (last Available) Star Gazer (Bear) Rocky Mountain Dreaming (Bear) Peek a Boo (bears) Lying Hare Wren on Bronze Apple Wren on Bronze Apple Flying Barn Owl Badger Small Long Eared Owl Green Kingfisher on Crescent

Artist: DEBORAH PROSSER Ceramics

Large Platter Chevron


Small Bottle Apothecary Bottle Apothecary Bottle


Ring - 18ct, Iron and Tourmaline Ring - 18ct, Iron and Diamond Pebble Earrings Pebble Earrings Ring 14ct and Tsavorite Ring 14ct and Tsavorite Gold and Rhod.Plate Earrings Gold and Rhod.Plate Earrings Pendant Fish Ring - Pebble and Diamond 14ct Ring with Diamond 18ct Gold & Silver Pebble Cufflinks Drop  18ct Gold and Silver Earrings


Small Jug Large Jug Small Vase Large Vase Cup Large Bowl

Artist: EMILY KIDSON Jewellery

Two Part Earrings Two Part Earrings Minimalist Earrings Round Curve Drop Earring Teardrop Earrings Minimalist Pendant Double Drop Earrings

Artist: EMILY MYERS Ceramics

Grey Cylinder Grey Cylinder Persian Ble Cylinder Twist Faceted Porcelain Vase Porcelain Cylinder Tall Stoneware Cylinder High Necked Faceted Pot High Necked Faceted Pot

Artist: ELLEN MONAGHAN Jewellery

Spun Curl Ring with Lavendar Sapphire Flick Curl Ring with Cornflower Sapphire




Dragonfly Dragonfly Tree Frog Tree Frog Medium Frog Medium Frog Mini Frog Octopus with Suckers Octopus with Suckers Octopus with Suckers Octopus with Suckers Octopus with Suckers Poison Frog Poison Frog Poison Frog Poison Frog Fox Sitting Fox Standing Dragonfly Dragonfly


Jewellery Box English Walnut /Sycamore+Flowers Jewellery Box French Walnut/Pear Wood Jewellery Box Apple Wood/Damson Jewellery Box English Walnut/Sycamore Jewellery Box Jewellery Box English Cherry/Rippled Sycamore Jewellery Box Rippled Olive Ash/Rippled Sycamore

Artist: FRUIT BIJOUX Jewellery

Light Blue Earrings Grey Resin Earrings Amber Stud Earrings Light Green Stud Earrings Amber Stud Earrings Green Stud Earrings Blue Stud Earrings Grey Stud Earrings White Stud Earrings Orange Stud Earrings Earrings Dark Blue Earrings Light Blue Earrings Light Blue Earrings Grey Earrings Medium Pink Earrings Light Pink Earrings Red Earrings Light Blue Earrings Grey Earrings Grey Earrings Medium Pink Earrings Light Pink Earrings Orange 12mm Vu Earrings 12mm Vu Earrings 12mm Vu Earrings 12mm Vu Earrings 12mm Vu Earrings 12mm Vu Earrings 12mm Vu Earrings 8mm Vu Earrings 8mm Vu Earrings 8mm Vu Earrings 8mm Vu Earrings 8mm Vu Earrings 8mm Vu Earrings 8mm Vu Earrings 8mm Vu Earrings 8mm Vu Earrings 8mm Vu Earrings 8mm Vu Earrings 8mm Vu Earrings 8mm Vu Earrings 8mm Vu Earrings Stud 8mm Earrings Stud 8mm Earrings Stud 12mm Earrings Pink Stud Earrings Ring 24mm Fuchsia Ring 24mm Pink Ring 24mm Yellow Ring 24mm Jade Stud 12mm Earrings Stud Blue 12mm Earrings Stud 12mm Earrings


Pandora Box Bamboo Dish Small Square Plate 27cmx27cm Deep Dish Round Plate Bowl on Foot Bowl Bluefish Deep Dish 35cm Large Square Dish Small Bowl Small Bowl Small Bowl Small Shallow Bowl Medium Bowl Side Plate Mug Salad Bowl Tea Pot 13cm Flat Bowl Tulip Bowl Flat Dish Tulip Bowl Tea Pot Tulip Bowl


'Flower Bowl' Threaded Bowl Sm Flat Round Bottle Mini Mosiac Concision and Grace Mini Mosaic Cane Twist Tumbler Small Hula Vase Wave Scent Bottle Energy Bowl Glacier Scent Bottle Cane Twist Tumbler

Artist: FOTINI KRINAKI Jewellery

Gold+Diamond Star Ring Diamond Square Studs Pearl Studs Heart Studs Hoop Oxide and Tourmaline Earrings Diamond Ring Gold & 4 Diamond Ring Gold+Pearl Ring Gold Ring Pendant with FW Pearl Heart Pendant Diamond x3 Stud Earrings


Large Woodland Fish & Chip Kiosk Beach Hut Beach Hut Horse Deer Woodland 2 Trees & Hare Hen House House for Crows Curly Tailed Finch Mini Cat Windpump Punch and Judy Woodland with 2 Trees & 2 Bird Shed with Blackbird & Dog Birdie Plaque No.3 Narrow Boat with Duck - Green


Necklace Necklace Ribbon Fine Necklace Embossed Ribbon Necklace Embossed Ribbon Fine Necklace Ribbon Fine Earrings Ribbon Necklace Blade Necklace Blade G.P Culting N/L Culting N/L G.P Earrings


Swimmer II Coming Home Music to the Seals Woodcut Late Train WoodCut Reading with Cat Etching with Woodcut Panel -Trixie Music to the Seals Cheshire Cat Tame Fish Reader 1 Midsummer Night (on Plinth)

Artist: GIN DURHAM Ceramics

Ram on a Block Small Panda Small Penguin Small Rolling Hare Small Rolling Hare Large Sheep Flock on Block Sm Sitting Fox Sm Reclining Fox Sm Grooming Hare on Block Italian Greyhound Lg Lemur on Plinth Lg Langur Monkey on Hoop


Pink Jug 42/75 Unframed Sea Shells 42/75 Unframed Parrot Jug 44/75 Unframed


Bangle Brooch

Artist: GARETH MASON Ceramics

Wide Blue Bowl Cobalt Speckled Vase Blue Speckled Bottle


Solar Bottle Lotus Bottle

Artist: SCENARIO Jewellery

Crown Pendant Snake Necklace Pendant

Artist: GERRY UNSWORTH Ceramics

Tall Vase Tall Vase Tall Vase

Artist: HARRY BRIOCHE Artist

In Search of Solitude Last of the Rain Sunshine on a Rainy Day After the Storm Memories of Summer New Horizon The Unveiling Promise of a Brighter Day From Out of The Shadows Blue Sky Ahead Rays of Hope Serenity Sunlit Memories Under Cloud Cover To the Horizon (Secondhand) Heavans Gate Virtual Silence September Song Sunlit Waters Echoes of Spring Tranquility Mandolin Rain Morning Stroll Change of Season Hazy Sunlight


Portrait Majestic Richard The Crowned King The Thoughtful King What is the Question? Intrigue The Madness of George Tudor Royal Macbeth The Indecisive King King for a Day Sophistication Perceptive Thoughts Modish Mistress Strictly Sovereign


Spring Rainstorm Thames Dawn Small Vessel Reflected Light III Pot Desert Mirage Landscape Summer Meadows Bottle Jane Scent Bottle Yellow Miro

Artist: HELEN HIGGINS Ceramics

Hare Bust with Bird Mask Wall Dunce Bunny Wall Punk Hare Cupcake Cat Jester Donkey Mad Hatter Hare Jester Donkey Giraffe Cone Hat Cat Donkey with Ruff Donkey with Ruff Bunny with Ruff Steam Punk Bunny Dapple Grey Pony Twin Head Hare Hare Dr Bust

Artist: HAZEL JOHNSTON Ceramics

Blue Bottle with Cream Neck Large Dish Bronze Rim Blue Bowl Deep Footed Bowl Round Bottle Shallow Bowl Deep Bowl

Artist: HILARY LAFORCE Ceramics

Eroded Landscape Ex Lg green Fragile Earth Tea Bowl Large Turquoise Tea Bowl Large Turquoise Tea Bowl Small Gold Tea Bowl Small Pearl Tea Bowl Flat Teal Lg Pedestal Seashore Bowl Fragile Landscape Med Bowl Large Teabowl Large Teabowl Large Teabowl Large Teabowl Flat Teabowl Flat Teabowl Flat Teabowl Flat Teabowl Floribunda Round Bowl

Artist: HELEN MARTINO Ceramics

Dancing Bottle Spotty Bottle Bird Box Catch a Falling Star Angel with her Bouquet of Flowers A Very Happy Time Smiling Dishy Lady Tall Leafy Lady "You do Make Me Smile" Relaxed Dishy Angel Peaceful Dishy Angel Starry Dishy Angel Forgetful Angel Angel on a Rainy Day Under the Apple Tree You Say the Nicest Things "You Make Me Smile" Beloveds Cuddle Happy Dishy Lady Contented Dishy Lady Surprised Angel Star Gazing Angel Head in the Clouds 1 Head in the Clouds 2 Spotty Teapot Vase Spotty Teapot Vase Harlequin Teapot Drifting Summertime Picnic Chatting Beloveds Mates Cuddling Up Dreaming Together Sitting Watching Cuddling Up Just Sitting Sitting Together Sweet Angel Welcoming Angel Windblown Angel Astonished Angel Angel Waving Hold on to your Halo Angel Surprised Angel Angel in the Groove Sunbathing


Tuscany with Sunflowers

Artist: IOSIF Jewellery

Bracelet Ring with 6 Diamonds

Artist: LASSIE Jewellery

Orchid Studs Rose Studs Coil Cufflinks Large Bark Studs


My Best Side Fields of Gold  18/100 Frosty Morning  34/100 Elm Lane  4/100 Sunflower Field  16/100 The Elm Path  27/100 The Lane  5/100 Crow Moon  14/100 Copse  7/100


The Village Stores Houses of Parliament Across Westminster Bridge

Artist: JANE ADAM Jewellery

Spiral Bangle Leaf dyed Pendant Small Cufflinks Plum Medium Blue Stud Earrings Double Leaf Earrings Small Oblong Ear Clips Large Studs - Blue/Purple Small Earrings - New Purple Spiral Bangle - Blue/Purple Spiral Bangle Small Studs

Artist: JO BARRY Printmaker

Earth as Hard as Iron Dark Wintry Bed Privacy of Winter Thoughts of Greener Pastures Snowfall Solemn Stillness First Frost of Autumn In the White Dawn Clear Shadows of Evening Silent Touches of Time The Snow Fell A Statue in the Iron Light Water Meadows The Wings of Morning Through Cold Woods More Light than Heat The Edge of the Forest Waterlogged Working under Skies of Slate The Sun Erupted Blanket of Snow A Blue Frost-bright Dawn Frosty Fires Untimely Frost upon the Sweetest Flower The Edge of the Forest Poppies are like Pleasures Spread Relishing the Warmth Sweetday,so Cool,so Calm,so Bright Moody Blues A Little Gleam of Time The Sun Errupted Shining Through And we had Snow Thoughts and Dreams Patience and Stillness Snow on Snow A Home in the Forest The Glory and the Dreams Extravagance of Spring They Breathed Making no Move


Singing on a Sunny Day Only Blue Fine Line Celebration Over the Rooftops and out to Sea We Are Golden Secret Garden Taking the Day Off Falling Into Place Morning walk Spring in my Step

Artist: JENNY CHAN Ceramics

Tall White Diva/Spiral Button Sm Tan Torso, Pink Cheeks Tall white Figure with Teddy Hoody Girl, Broken Red Line Hoody Girl with Red Dots Nordic Girl with Sweater Lg Torso, The Mongolian Poem Diva figure in Stoneware with a daisy collar Diva figure in Stoneware with a diamond pendant Terra-Cotta Diva figure in Stoneware with a ring choker Diva figure in Stoneware with embroidered butteflies Short Brown Diva

Artist: JOHN DUNN Ceramics

11'' Yellow Bowl 12x12 Glass Dish 10x10 Glass Dish Glass Dish 12" Raku Dish Pink Glazed Bowl White Glazed Bowl


Chicken Fat Cat Tall Cat Tall Cat Fat Cat Wren Cat and Mouse Martha Fat Cat Curled Cat Martha Martha Martha Cat&Mouse Cat&Mouse Fat Cat Fat Cat Fat Cat Twisting Cat Curled Cat Curled Cat Fox Bird Bird Wren Wren Tall Cat Tall Cat

Artist: JOHN HAMMOND Artist

Dappled Light, Autumn Walk 24x18 Meadow Corner 16x18 The Shade of the Old Trees 10x12 Early Morning Haze Rising Mist, Autumn Terracotta and Gold Winter Sun, Early Shoppers Sunlit Mooring Summer Dappled Light, Avon Blue Shadows, Holy Trinity Beneath the Trees High Street Lavender Sky Winter Sun, Bath Abbey Sunshine and Showers, Bath Abbey

Artist: JILL JEFFREY Paintings

Shielding to Atlantic So There You Are! Tower of Sand Spring Hawthorns Down to the Sea Storm Barn

Artist: JOHN LEACH Ceramics

Small Bowl Small Bowl

Artist: JANE LAYTON Ceramics

Small Bull Dog Small Dachshund Chihuahua

Artist: JANE MOORE Jewellery

Daisey Cufflinks Charm Bracelet Charm Pendant


The Bodyguard Heron Thrush Chicken Chicken Bad Hare Day Spa Fun Sheep Springer Spaniel Sparrow talk Nightjar Opp's The Sword Swallower Fairy Dawn Chorus (rooks) Kingfisher Pod of Whales Close Encounters Brrrrr Swans over Water Shark Barn Roost The Sett Nestlings Avocets Redshanks Avocets Kingfisher Lapwing

Artist: JOHN MASTERTON Ceramics

Faceted Jar Large Red Bowl Faceted Jar Faceted Jar


Common Frog looking Left (light brown) Tree Frog Looking Left Common  Frog Looking Up Common FrogLooking Left Hermit Crab

Artist: JANE PRITCHARD Ceramics

Small Vessel Small Vessel Small Vessel Small Vessel Small Vessel Tea Bowl Tea Bowl Tea Bowl Tea Bowl Tea Bowl Tea Bowl Tea Bowl


Latham Vase L Pink/Gold Small Stone Open Bowl Turquoise Latham Vase M Blue/Green Latham Vase S Pink/Blue Latham Bowl Blue Stone Latham Vessel Turquoise Stone Heavy Bowl Turquoise

Artist: JANA REINHARDT Jewellery

Leaping Cat Necklace Penguin Pendant Duckling Pendant Hare Pendant with Garnet Wing Earrings Cat Studs with Blue Topaz Bouncing Dog Pendant Rain Drop Studs with Blue Topaz Double Ellipse Studs Ellipse Bracelet Whale Pendant

Artist: JILL RAY

Clearing Skies 1 Clearing Skies 2


Clock/Red Bird and Tree Clock/Blue Bird and Tree Clock/ Blue Bird and Tree Clock Large Cat

Artist: JOLENE SMITH Jewellery

3 Petal Necklace 5 Flower Necklace

Artist: JOCELYN TALLIS Jewellery

Fluorite Amethyst Sodalite Necklace Sodalite Hematite Labradorite Necklace Turquoise Aquamarine Chrysophrase Necklace Jasper Lepidolite Fluorite Necklace Astrophylite Necklace


Charles Bridge, Prague U/F Radnicke Schody, Prague U/F Lord Leycester (old) Trinity Church Stratford Houses (Framed) Halls Croft (unframed) Lansdowne Circus Ferry Crossing, Stratford upon Avon (unframed) Bathing Pool Garden, Hidcote Manor (unframed) Rio delle Romite, Venice Fondamenta Priuli, Venice Magdalen College Tower, Oxford Church Street, Ludlow Garden 4 The Vintner Stratford Houses Meeting on Ely Street Packwood (Framed) Stratford (Framed) Church Street, Chapel Street (Framed)


Stargazer Horse Standing Horse Head Turned Horse Horse Prancing Horse Licking Feet

Artist: JOHN WHEELDON Ceramics

Large White Funnel Pot Medium White Funnel Pot L/Medium Funnel Pot L/Medium Funnel W/H Pot Medium Blue Funnel Pot Small Beige Funnel Pot Small Cream Funnel Pot Small Blue/Grey Funnel Pot Small Beige Funnel Pot


Sq Glass Plate 'Blue Milk River Bowl' River Series Sq Glass Plate 'Blue Tapestry Land' 27x27cm sq. Steel Blue Horizon Standing Wave Tapestry Land Sq Glass Plate 'Steel Blue Seas'

Artist: KATIE BRADIA Ceramics

Medium Black Etched White+Black with Square Small Green Vessel Medium Blue Gourd Vessel Large Medium Turquoise Vessel Ex Large Blue Gourd Vessel Small Blue Vessel


Necklace Necklace Necklace Necklace Necklace Necklace Necklace N/L Facetted Haematite + Pearl


Limed Ash Oblong Bowl Zebrano Oblong Box Oblong Bowl 4" Pagoda Lidded Box Round 4" Pagoda Lidded Box Round 4" Pagoda Lidded Box Round 4" Pagoda Lidded Box Round 4" Pagoda Lidded Box Round 4" Pagoda Lidded Box Round 4" Pagoda Lidded Box Round 4" Pagoda Lidded Box Round 4" Pagoda Lidded Box Round 4" Pagoda Lidded Box Round Oblong Box Oblong Box Oblong Box Oblong Box Oblong Box Oblong Box Oblong Box Oblong Box Oblong Box

Artist: KATERINA MALAMI Jewellery

Pendant with Chain Earrings Ring Earrings Silver Earrings Ring


Sliced Bottle Glass Weight Weight Profile Stoppered Bottle 'Stripes' Stripy Bottle Stripy Bottle Merge Bottle Merge Bottle Profile Bottle Wedge Bottle Wedge Bottle Wedge Bottle Wedge Bottle Wedge Bottle Wedge Bottle Wedge Bottle Wedge Bottle Wedge Bottle Merge Bottle Merge Bottle Merge Bottle Merge Bottle Merge Bottle Merge Bottle Merge Bottle Double Bubble Bottle Double Bubble Bottle Double Bubble Bottle Double Bubble Bottle Double Bubble Bottle Double Bubble Bottle Profile Bottle Profile Bottle Joy Ride

Artist: KAREN RISBY Ceramics

Black & White Landscape Tile Landscape Wide Tile Tree Bird Tile Landscape Lustre Tile


Cream Oval/Stripe Mis-match Earrings Black Oval Mis-match Earrings

Artist: KAREN THOMAS Jewellery

Shell Pendant 18" Twig Bangle Twig Choker

Artist: KATE TOMS Sculpture

Lg Standing Dog with Newspaper Long Dog with Newspaper Standing Dog with Ball Sitting Dog


Cobalt Trailed Ikebana Vase Green Trailed Bottle Amber Trailed Bottle Orange Trailed Bottle Purple Trailed Vase Red Trailed Vase Blue Trailed Vase Blue Trailed Bowl Green Gourd Bottle Vase Violet Gourd Bottle Vase Bamboo Vase Lg Meltwater Bottle Amber Gold Trailed Vase Tall Cobalt Vase


Roll Up Vase Glass Platter 18cm dia Vase


Small Fin Bowl Lime interior with White Small Fin Bowl Turquoise/White Small Fin Bowl Purple/White Large Fin Bowl Lime/Green Cocoon Bowl Peach Cocoon Bowl Green

Artist: ANNABELLE DAVIS Jewellery

Curved Bangle Link Necklace Daisy Earring Sil Necklace Sil Bracelet Heart Pendant Bracelet Medium + Small Soft Squares Circle Earrings Earrings Necklace Hammered Circles Necklace 3 Strand GP +Silver Tube Teardrop Pendant 12.50ct Amatrine Bracelet Hammered Circles Flower Earrings with Purple Pearl Heart in Heart Studs Bracelet White Pearl Earrings Bracelet Drop Earrings Earrings Drop Twist Earrings Necklace Bracelet CZ Various Topaz Pendant Topaz Pendant Agate and Pearl Bracelet Tourmaline Necklace Tourmaline Bracelet Lapis Necklace Bracelet with Squares Three Oval Earrings Swirl CZ Stud Earrings Pearl  Stud Earrings Oval Stud Earrings Amethyst Tear Drop Earrings Pearl Studs Pearl Studs Trillion Cut Amethyst Stud Earrings Tear Drop Topaz Earrings Fuschia Drop Earrings Round Cubic Zirconia Earrings Drop Twig Earring Trillion Cut Topaz Drop Earrings Russian Bangle 21 Strand 2 Twist Bangle Torque Hinged Bracelet Abstract Necklace Abstract Bracelet Silk Necklace 2 Strands with Knot Silk Necklace 2 Strands Bracelet Wavy Bubble CZ Stud Earrings with Twist Studs Tri-Petal Flower Stud Earrings Sheep Brooch Drop Earrings CZ Trillion Cut Trillion Cut Topaz Earrings Tri Colour Bracelet E/R Lg CZ E/R CZ Oval E/R CZ Trillion Wave Necklace Clasp Bangle Tri Coloured Bracelet Multi Square Necklace Large Tri Coloured Bracelet Tri Coloured 2 Band Bracelet Amethyst Pendant 7.15 CT Amethyst Pendant 6.35ct Random Circles Necklace Hinge Bracelet Dachshund Brooch Scottie Brooch Tri Coloured Smooth Necklace Tri Coloured Bracelet Omega 3 Strand Bracelet Silk 3 Strand Bracelet Silk 2 Strand Bracelet Silk 2 Strand Knot Bracelet Silk 4 Strand Bracelet E/R Silk 2 Strand Silk 4 Strand Bracelet 2 Strand Necklace Silk 2 Strand Knot Bracelet Silk 2 Strand Knot Bracelet Silk 2 Strand Necklace Silk 2 Strand Bracelet Brooch Dog Standing Curl B/L Spiral Drop E/R Multi Square Necklace Pearl Studs Flower 9ct Gold/Dia Studs Round 9ct Gold/Dia Studs Triangle 9ct Gold/Dia Studs Silver Torque Double Strand Necklace Interlinked Bangles Double Strand Bracelet Bangle Double Strand Necklace Double Strand Bracelet Double Strand Necklace Double Strand Bracelet Lg Flower Studs Blue Topaz Studs Heart RGP Studs Pink/White Drop E/R Pearl Drop Earrings Brushed Spiral Studs Peridot Studs Blue Topaz Drop Earrings Pearl Studs Blue Topaz Drop Earrings Amethyst Drop E/R Flower Studs Heart Studs Amethyst Studs Drop E/R Pink Pearl Studs Sml Hoop Drop E/R Blue Topaz Studs Pearl Studs Triangle Studs Spiral Studs Peridot Studs


Reflections, Venice High Tide, Harlyn Bay  21x21  (61) River Stour, Crimscote Spring Tine, Venice White Hen Low Tide, St Ives Evening Sun, North Cornwall Morning Sun, Bedruthan Steps View form Cligga Head, North Cornwall Evening Light, Boscastle Evening Light, Perranporth Offshore Wind Portscatho, Roseland Low Tide, Polly Joke Rising Tide, Holywell Bay, N.Cornwall Low Tide, Booby's Bay Reflections, N.Cornwall Winter reflections, N.Cornwall Reflections, N.Cornwall Late Sun, N. Cornwall Evening Surf Satsuma, Still Life Passing Clouds, Crantock Silver Reflections Loch Morar, W.Scotland September Sun, Holywell Bay Spring Shadows

Artist: LEEN HEYNE Jewellery

Gold Ring Gold Ring with Brown Diamond Ring  0.04ct WS E/F Diamond Ring Gold 0.10ct vvs E/F Diamond Ring Gold 0.70ct Brown Diamond Gold Twist Ring with Cognac Diamond Gold Twist Ring with Double Cognac Diamonds Gold Twist Ring with Cognac Diamond

Artist: LINDENAU Jewellery

Oval Ring with Blue Topaz Amethyst Pendant Bud Drop Earrings Silver Earrings Flower Bud Charm Large Bud Charm Bracelet with Magnetic Clasp Pearl Ring Mint Green Quartz Ring Silver Polish Satin Finish Bracelet Black Spinel Necklace Rose Quartz Oval Drop Earrings Labradorite Drop Earrings Long Tassel Necklace Squares Bracelet Amethyst + Pearl Pendant Amethyst + Pearl Drop Earrings Rock Crystal + Pearl Drop Earrings Rose Quartz + Amethyst Drop Earrings Blue Topaz Ring Blue Topaz + Hematite Necklace Amethyst + Hematite Necklace Necklace N/L Multi thread and Drop N/L Pendant Lg Flwr Earrings N/L Spinell 2 thread + Sqr Rutillated Qtz Necklace E/R Lg Cut Garnet Amethyst Tear E/R Prl Drp+Cry N/L Cry+Pearl+Oxi E/R Multistrand G/P Drop Pumpkin Earrings with Pearl Stud Earrings Necklace Circle and Pearl Earrings Bud Drop Earrings Drop Earrings Drop Chain Earrings Long Drop Earrings Ring Drop Earrings Drop Earrings Multi Wire Hoop Drop Earrings Pendant Pumkin with Chain Pumkin Drop Earrings Drop Earrings Cage Necklace Drop Earrings Blue Topaz Silver Earrings Silver Earrings Silver Earrings Rock Crystal Silver Earrings Silver Bracelet Silver Earrings Silver Earrings Blue Topaz Earrings Silver Earrings Pearl & Haematite Silver Necklace Pearl Earrings Silver Earrings Silver Earrings Amethyst Earrings Blue Topaz Earrings Silver Earrings Whisky Quartz & Peridot Earrings Earrings Amethyst Drop Earrings Swirl Earrings Disc Earrings Disc Drop Earrings Ring Silver Bangle Smokey Quartz Earrings

Artist: LIDIA KARPACZ Jewellery

Earrings Ring Ring Ring Bangle


Small Mouse on Key Assemblage Grande Dreamboat


Wall Bust Wall Bust


Beer Festival Club Gazing People Watching Tanzclub

Artist: LUCY Q Jewellery

Ladybird Cufflinks Continual Button Bangle Splat Bangle Long Drip Earrings


Small Perfume Bottle Medium Perfume Bottle Phoenix Quill & Ink (Multi) Raven Quill & Ink (Black) Soldier Quill & Ink (Red)


Cufflinks Jetson Earrings Pendant Pendant Lulu Earrings Jetson Wide Bangle Jetson Wide Bangle Baby Jetson E/R Luna Earrings Jetson Wide Bangle Baby Jetson Earrings Orbit Ring Tango Earrings Twirl Earrings Gabo Earrings Obi Earrings Oval Pendant Lulu Earrings Ritz Earrings Obi Bangle Babu Earrings Babu Earrings Babu Earrings Babu Earrings Babu Earrings Bow Earrings Bow Earrings Bow Earrings Jetson Wide Bangle Loop Bangle Loop Bangle Loop Bangle Lulu Earrings Mezzo Bangle Mezzo Bangle Mojo Earrings Torte Earrings

Artist: LUMI SILVER Jewellery

Hollow D Bangle Silver Bangle Silver Bangle Silver Bangle Twist Bangle Bangle with Hinge Passing Bangle Bangle Adjustable Twisted Bangle Climber Grab Bangle Russian 5 Band 3mm Bangle Russian 8mm Bangle Russian 9 Band 3mm Bangle Russian Square Bangle Rim 10mm Bangle Twisted 6.5mm Bangle Heavy Oval Bracelet Curly Wurly Bracelet Curly Wurly Necklace Stepping Stones Necklace Stepping Stones Bracelet Twisted Circles Necklace Twisted Circles Bracelet Lily Pearl Ring Cushion Cut Amethyst Ring Splatt Stud Earrings Infinity 3D Drop Earrings Garnet 5mm Stud Amethyst Cushion Cut Studs Blue Topaz Oval Studs Lily Pearl Drop Earrings 8mm Bangle Bangle


Yellow Church Blue/ Green Houses Row of Houses Blue Chapel Blue house/painted dome

Artist: MENARD Jewellery

Necklace  'Greyhound' Necklace, Ocean Breeze E/R Pearl 10mm Pink E/R Pearl 12mm Pink E/R Small Tear Pearl White E/R Small Tear Pearl L.Grey Earrings Shellpearl Earrings Shellpearl Earrings Shellpearl Earrings Shellpearl Murano Murano Murano Earrings Bracelet Necklace Drop Shell Pearl 12mm Earrings Drop Shell Pearl 12mm Earrings Shell Pearl Drop Earrings Shell Pearl Drop Earrings Shell Pearl 10mm Stud Earrings Cool Water Murano Glass Necklace Ocean Breeze Murano Glass Necklace Murano Lilac Necklace 12mm

Artist: MARTIN ANDREWS Studio Glass

Footed Plate Tall Vase Salsa Med Bowl Aurora Optic Round Bottle Perfume Bottle Med Midnight Sun Flat Vase Small Bowl Lg Flat Vase Sm/Med Bowl Small Flask Pebble Pebble Pebble 3 Stack P Bottle

Artist: MYCHAEL BARRATT Printmaker

Poetry on Motion 1 Such Stuff as Dreams II We that are True Lovers O Brave New World Cleo, the Globes Cat The Globe in 1599 Miranda & Ferdinand The Groundlings Mustard Seed Enter the Fairies Othello A Snapper-Up 5 A Fellow of Infinite Jest As You Like It Exit Pursued by a Bear Hokusai's Dog Anish Kapoor's Dog The most patient, sweet and virtuous wife Exit, pursued by Bear Richard III Titania Oberon Caliban Cobweb Mustardseed Peaseblossom Moth Rousseau's Cat II Leonardo De Vinci's Dog The Reading Room All The World's a Stage II Hockney's Dogs Banksy's Dog Gormley's Dog


Oval Lidded Jar Oval Lidded Jar Faceted Cup Mug Oval Handled Jug

Artist: MOUNIR Jewellery

Onyx Cluster Necklace Onyx & Garnet Cluster Earrings Amethyst Minaret earrings Labradorite Necklace Minaret Earrings Smokey Quartz mix Drop Earrings Drop Earrings Pearl Studs Small Studs Med Keshi Stud Earrings Long Pearl Multi Stone Necklace Necklace Long Pearl Necklace with Silver Links Rutilated Quartz Necklace


Beachcomber Lrg Lincoln Fields 24 Lincoln Fields 4 Lincoln Fields 18 Lincoln Fields 28 Lincoln Fields 11 Lincoln Fields 8 Gateway 5X Med Gateway No.3 Med Foundry Award Great Ormond Street Square Mile No.4

Artist: MICHE FOLLANO Ceramics

Pot Sketchbook Series Pot Sketchbook Series Pot Sketchbook Series Pot Sketchbook Series


Landlines Sml Bowl Landlines Cup Landlines Cup Landlines Sml Bowl Landlines Sml Jug Landlines Square Dish Landlines Cup Landlines Cup Landlines Cup


Lustrous Jug Espresso Cup & Saucer Espresso Cup & Saucer Petal Rim Bowl Petal Rim Bowl Blue/Copper Elegant Miniature Jug Elegant Miniature Jug Fat Miniature Jug Tall Vase Lg Petal Bowl Wide Custard Jug Panel Milk Jug Tall Mug


Mediterranean Harbour

Artist: MATT HORNE Ceramics

Lg Round Pot Funnel Neck Tall High Neck Red/Blue Vessel Flared Top Red Blue Vessel Ovoid High Neck Lavender Grey Vessel Med Tear Drop Brown Vessel Small Straight sided Brown Pot Turquoise and Copper Crystalline Bottle Light Blue Crystalline Bottle


Problem Child Triptych Sputnik Lostahosta Daytripper Permission Slip


Squirrel Kingfisher Arrow Frog Polar Bear Egret Pink Pig

Artist: MARY JOHNSON Ceramics

Medium Blue and White Cylinder Hop Medium Blue and White Cylinder Hop Large Blue & White Cylinder

Artist: MARTICK Jewellery

Pendant Blackberry MG Heart Pendant Murano Glass Heart Pendant Murano Glass Heart Pendant Peacock Pearl Necklace Necklace

Artist: MANU Jewellery

Silver + 22ct + Diamond Ring Pendant  Gold with Pearl Amethyst Ring 0.02ct Diamond Ring 0.02ct Diamond Ring Earrings 0.02ct Diamond Ring Ring Necklace Ring Green Tourmaline Ring Diamond Bangle Ring Pearl Ring Fox Chain Bracelet Bangle Bangle Diamond Foxchain Necklace Bracelet Dia Fox Chain Bracelet Fox Chain Necklace Dia Fox Chain Necklace Dia Fox Chain Necklace Topaz Diamond Ring Diamond Ring Ring Topaz London Blue Gold Ring Necklace Pendant Wave Ring 3 Diamond Ring Bracelet Diamond on Fox chain Bracelet Fox Chain Diamond on Disc Necklace, Silver+Gold Rectangles+Black Band Necklace, Diamond in Gold Disc Necklace+Pearl Twist Pendant Necklace, Square Pendant+Topaz Bracelet with Diamond Ring with Blue Topaz Bracelet 0.012ct Diamond Bracelet 0.03 Diamond Bangle 0.012ct Diamond Earrings 0.03 Diamond Earrings London B.Topaz Earrings Prasolite Ring 0.03 Diamond Ring B.Topaz Ring Prasolite Necklace Fox Chain Necklace Neoprene Necklace Iolite Steel Rope Necklace B.Topaz Steel Rope

Artist: MARGONI Jewellery

Green Tourmalines and Red Garnet Ring Tanzanite, Blue Topaz and Green Tourmaline Ring Ring - Aquamarine,B Topaz,Tanzanite Green Amethyst and Aquamarine Bracelet Ring - Tourmaline, Peridot and  0.03 Diamond Amethyst, Tanzanite and Iolite Ring Torque Bracelet Necklace with Oxidation Pendant on Chain Pendant on Chain Drop Earrings Ring -Tanzanite, Blue Topaz and Tourmaline Ring - Opal, Peridot Ring  - Aquamarine , Blue Topaz Ring - Peridot, rutilated quartz + diamond Ring - Aquamarine, Peridot 5ct, Diamond Ring - Aquamarine 8.5ct, Opal Earrings with Tanzanite Earrings with Peridot, Diamonds Necklace with Tanzanite Necklace, Aquamarine Ring, Rose Quartz and Amethyst Ring, Peridot and Diamond Blue Topaz Ring Morganite/Tanzanite Ring Aquamarine and Diamond Ring Aquamarine 2ct, Tanzanite Ring Amethyst and Diamond Ring Tourmaline and Diamond Ring Amethyst Ring Amethyst Ring Tanzanite Ring Blue Topaz Ring Aquamarine and B.Topaz Pendant Blue Topaz and Pearl Earrings Amethyst Earrings 1.5ct Sapphire Studs Ring - Peridot, Amethyst Ring - Tourmaline, Peridot Ring - 1.5ct Garnet Ring - 3.5ct Blue Topaz, 0.02ct Diamond Ring - 2ct Peridot, 0.02ct Diamond Ring - Aqua, Blue Topaz Ring - Green Tourmaline, Green Amethyst Ring - Aquamarine, Gr Tourmaline Ring - 2.5ct Blue Topaz Ring - 12ct Blue Topaz Ring - 11ct Blue Topaz Ring - 10ct Green Amethyst Ring - 8.5ct Green Amethyst Ring - 1.5ct Green Tourmaline Ring - Green Tourmaline, Peridot Ring - 2.5ctPeridot, 0.02ct Diamond Ring - 2 ct Blue Tourmaline, 0.02ct Diamond Ring - 1.5ct Blue Topaz Ring - 2ct Blue Topaz Ring - 0.7ct Aquamarine Ring - 1ct Green Tourmaline Ring - 1ct Green Tourmaline Ring - 1.5ct Green Amethyst Ring - 2ct Imperial Topaz Ring - 1ct Red Tourmaline Ring - Aquamarine, Blue Topaz Earrings, Garnet, Pearl Earrings, Green Tourmaline 1.5ct Earrings, 2.5ct Blue Topaz 2.5ct Earrings, 6 ct Peridot Earrings, 4ct Garnet, 0.04ct Diamond Earrings, 2ct Garnet,  0.04ct Diamond Earrings, 5ct Aquamarine 0.04ct Diamond Earrings, 2ct Peridot, 0.04 ct Diamond Earrings, 2.5ct Green Tourmaline Necklace 2ct Tourmaline Ring 1.5ct Green Tourmaline Earrings Blue Topaz Pendant with Chain Ring - Green Tourmaline,Diamond Ring - Red Tourmaline, Garnet Ring - Tanzanite, Diamond Ring - Iolite Ring - Green Amethyst,Yellow Beryl Ring - Red Tourmaline Ring - Aquamarine, Blue Topaz,Tanzanite Ring - Aquamarine, Blue Topaz,Tanzanite Ring - Aquamarine, Blue Topaz,Diamond Ring - Green Tourmaline, Peridot, Diamond Ring -Amethyst, Iolite, Aquamarine Ring - Green Tour, Diamond Ring - Aquamarine Ring - Tanzanite, Diamond Ring - Garnet Ring - Aquamarine Ring - Aquamarine Ring - Aquamarine Ring - Aquamarine Ring - Peridot and Red Tourmaline Ring - Aquamarine Peridot Lemon Quartz Ring - Red Tourmaline, Amethyst & Diamond

Artist: Mark KAISER

Fish and Lemons Lillies and Plum on Cloth Green Apple, Blue Mug Apple White and Blue

Artist: MACKAY and PEARSON Jewellery

Drop Earrings Drop Earrings Keshi Pearl Bracelet Circles Ring Circles Drop Earrings Ring Drop Pendant Three Stone Ring Three Stone Ring Russian Wedding Ring Pendant Necklace with Keshi Pearl Drop Earrings with Keshi Pearl Ring with BlueTopaz x 2 Ring with B.Topaz x 3 Ring Textured Multi Loop Bracelet

Artist: MARIE PRETT Ceramics

Child and Rabbit on a Donkey Acrobats, Dog & Horse Devil Dog Dog with Ruff James Bond Dog Harlequin Dog Harlequin Cat French Dog Swimmer Dog Onesie & Teddy Skull & Crossbones T Shirt Robber Dog Monsieur Bully Swimmer Dog Bedtime Bully Wall Hanging Dog Wall Hanging Dog Balancing Bully on Ball Girl With Fire Wings on Zebra Musician with Lute on Horse Acrobat & Dog on Zebra

Artist: MARIA RZEWUSKA Jewellery

Multi Loop Silver Drop Earrings Diamond and Cubic Zirconia Ring Disc Ring Pendant Necklace Multi Layered Hematite Necklace with Silver Discs Brushed and Hammered Finish Multople Silver Disc Bracelet Tourmaline Necklace with Solid Silver Squares Arrow Drop Earrings Four Square Earrings Disc Bracelet Black Drop Earrings 3 Drop Earrings Tri Side Drop Small Earrings Tri Side Drop Earrings Oval Slit Drop Earrings Long Pod Earrings Carbon Crescent Earrings Blue Necklace, Drop Pendant Earrings Fine Tube Necklace Long Black Stud Earrings Double Disc Silver Brushed Drop Earrings Double Disc Silver Drop Earrings with Scratched Finish Carbon Hinged Cuff Bracelet Large Carbon Fibre Drop Earrings with Circular Gold Finish Quarter Circle Carbon Fibre Drop Earrings with Gold and Silver Finish Oval and Circle Gold and Oxidised Silver Drop Earrings


Frog Leaping Whippet Single Seahorse Frog Sitting Med Lizard Lg Hedgehog Sea Lion Crab Small Hedgehog Small Snail Large Snail Heron Hare Sitting

Artist: MARTIN STEPHENS Ceramics

Faceted Vase Faceted vase

Artist: MARTA SAMBORSKA Jewellery

Necklace Circle Silver Earrings

Artist: MARTA SZAFRANIEC Jewellery

Pearl Studs Pearl Drop Earrings Ruffle Earrings Ruffle Drop Earrings Ruffle Drop Earrings Ruffle Ring Ruffle Pearl Ring Ruffle Pearl Earrings

Artist: MARCIN ZAREMSKI Jewellery

Necklace Necklace Earrings Brooch Necklace Earrings Small Double Vane Earrings Cup Stud Earrings Cup with CZ Earrings Large Open Leaf Necklace Large Disc with hole and Step Brooch Pendant Bracelet Earrings - Double Discs Amber Tube Necklace Amber Square Necklace 10mm Band Bracelet 20mm Band Bracelet 20mm Band Bracelet Large Pod Pendant Circle/Circle Pendant Med Disc/Step Earrings Med Disc/Crease Earrings Small Disc/Crease Earrings Large Circle/Square Earrings Med Circle/Circle Earrings Small Disc/Hoop Earrings Med Tri-side Pod Studs Drop Tri-side Pod Earrings Med Tri-side Pod Earrings Med Pinched Disk Studs Large Drop Pod Earrings Lg Drop Square/Hoop Earrings Small Shield Vane Earrings Small Half Pod Studs Med Tri-side Pod Studs 2 Interlinked Band Earrings Med 2 Interlinked Band Earrings Small Semi Circle Studs Pod Vain Earrings Small Pod Drop Earrings Med Round Vane Studs Small Round Vane Studs Small Drop Round Vane Earrings Drop Box Earrings Large Drop Cone Earrings Earrings Earrings Drop Earrings, double circle Drop Earrings, Twisted Circles Lg Drop Earrings, double circle Pendant Earrings, Oblong/Circle Earrings, Oblong/Circle Earrings Drop Earrings, Creased Oval Earrings Earrings, Oval/Sq Hole Earrings Drop Earrings, Oval/Sq Hole Earrings Round Drops Clip Earrings, Hat Shape Earrings, Hat Shape Drop Earrings, Double Oval Drop Earrings, Double Oval Pendant Earrings Earrings, Oval/Dots Earrings, Oval/Dots Lg Drop Earrings, Circle/Square Lg Drop Earrings, Circle/Ring Lg Earrings Square/Ring Earrings Earrings Earrings Earrings, 4 Rings Earrings, Leaf Vane Pendant Leaf Vane with Chain Drop Earrings Leaf Vane Sm Earrings,Round Vane Sm Earrings,Round Vane Earrings, Round Vane Med Earrings, Round Vane Earrings, Disc/Crease Earrings, Disc/Crease Earrings, Stepped Disc Oval Leaf Bangle 7mm Bracelet Drop Earrings, Intertwined Bands Drop Earrings, Knot Double Bangle Sm Earrings, Double Circle Earrings Earrings Earrings Sm Earrings, Circle/Square Sm Earrings, Circle/Square Sm Earrings, Circle/Square Sm Earrings, Circle/Square Earrings Med Earrings, Double Circle Med Earrings, Double Circle Earrings Earrings, Loop Med Earrings, Double Circle Med Earrings, Double Circle Lg Earrings, Circle/Square Lg Earrings, Double Circle Earrings Necklace Necklace Necklace Bracelet Bracelet

Artist: NICK HUBBARD Jewellery

Cat & Heart Earrings Smiling Cat Earrings Gold Heart Earrings Love Charms Necklace 'Love is all Around' Bangle

Artist: NAOMI JAMES Jewellery

Oval Moonstone Ring Studs Square Leaf Earrings Small Leaf Bracelet Aqua Teardrop Leaf Square Leaf Cufflinks Round Hollow Leaf Cufflinks Teardrop Bead Bracelet Oval Leaf Bracelet Wide Leaf Bangle Triple Leaf Bangle Ovals Brooch Leaf Studs Leaf Studs Leaf Drop Earrings Leaf Drop Earrings Pink Tourmaline Ring

Artist: NICK MACKMAN Ceramics

Wild Dog Lying Standing Capybara Sitting Capybara Stretching Baby Warthog Baby Warthog Looking Up Baby Warthog Resting Sitting Polar Bear

Artist: www.nickpikeart.co.uk

Trafalgar Square London Belgravia London De 9 Straatjes Amsterdam The Consulat Heroic Effort Final Jump

Artist: OLA GORIE Jewellery

Echo Ring Woodwick Pendant Rysa Ring Stroma Ring

Artist: OLGA UNIKKE Jewellery

Drop Earrings with Swarovski Crystals Pendant with Swarovski Crystals Drop Earrings Small Lattice Earrings with Swarovski Crystals Bracelet with Swarovski Crystals Drop Lattice Earrings with Swarovski Crystals Cube Necklace Cube Bracelet


Glass Scape Vase Tall Glass-Scape Small Vase Glasscape Open Vase


Sheep Street Chapel Street from Guild Chapel


Moon Hare Etalon Le Cheval Celeste Flying Horse Deer Dance Midas Masquerade II Masquerade III Panjandrum I Blues Players Double Bass Blues Players Sousaphone Women in White Watcher Watcher Watcher

Artist: PRISM DESIGN Jewellery

Cabachon Sapphire Ring Green Sapphire Ring Gold & Titanium Ring Rose Gold & Titanium Ring Diamond Ring Fire Opal Diamond Ring Ring Topaz+Amethyst+Aquamarine Sapphire Ring Diamond Ring Diamond Ring


Beach Pebbles 48cms x 48 cms

Artist: PHILIP EVANS Ceramics

Tiny Oval Cylinder Oval Cylinder Oval Cylinder Oval Cylinder Oval Cylinder Floral Spade form Vessel Red Bottom Wallpanel Small Wall Panel Portrait Oval Cylinder Oval Cylinder Oval Cylinder Red Square Oval Cylinder Green Square Small Oval Cylinder

Artist: PAUL FINCH Jewellery

Ring Short Tapered Earrings Short Tapered Silver Earrings Multi Split Diamond Ring Small Silver Shell Earrings with Gold Plating Small Silver Shell Earrings with 2pt Diamond Spiral Ring with Blue topaz & 18ct Gold Bead Ring Partially Slit Shell Ring with 3pt Diamond Dual Ring with Diamonds, 22ct Gold Ring 3pt Shell Earrings

Artist: PETER FUCHS Jewellery

5 Strand Grey Pearl Necklace with Silver Pearl Necklace Round & Coin, Fresh Water Pearl Bronze colour Necklace. Necklace,  Fresh Water Pearl & Rutilated Quartz Gold Plated Steel & CZ Ball Clasp Amethyst Ball Clasp


Small Pot Small Pot Large Pot Bowl Bowl Bowl Enamelled Copper Bowl Enamelled Copper Bowl Enamelled Copper Bowl

Artist: PHIL IRONS Woodturner

Round Vessel Yellow and Red Vessel Red and Yellow Vessel Black and Blue Vessel


Brown Elephant Blue Elephant

Artist: PHIL LYDDON Ceramics

Turquoise Bowl Small Celadon Bowl Yellow Bowl with square Dot Yellow Bowl Plain Yellow Bowl 3 Square Dots Celedon Bud Vase Celedon Bud Vase Yellow Closed Dish Turquoise Bowl Celadon Grid Vase Celadon Vase Black Inner Turquoise Raku Vase

Artist: PETER LAYTON Studio Glass

Sea Form Shell Medium Yellow Paradiso Dropper Spirale Tall Stoneform Skyline Square Stoneform Skyline Stoneform Giraffe Tall Stoneform Ariel Exhibition Stone Form Giraffe Stone Form Ebb Tide Perfume Bottle Floral Stoneform Large Hockney, Arrival of Spring Floral Large Flask Floral Large Flask Paradiso Large Stone Paradiso Perfume Bottle Paradiso Medium Dropper Paradiso Small Perfume Bottle Tahiti Extra Large Stone Medium Square Skyline Stoneform Pink Paradiso Dropper Medium Pink Paradiso Stoneform Monet Stoneform Vase Marrakech Tall Stoneform Piccolo Tall Stoneform Georgia Tall Stoneform Small Georgia Perfume Bottle Arrival of Spring Klimt Landscape

Artist: OCEAN Jewellery

Large Round Pink Pearl Necklace Black/Brown Round Pearl Necklace with Gold Plated Clasp Large Pearl/Silver Cufflink Large Grey Irregular Pearl Studs Tahitian Keshi Pearl Necklace Black Pearl Necklace with Laboradite Pendant Pearl Earrings + Ridge ball Earrings Large Coin Pearl Necklace Grey FWPearl Tear Drop FWPearl Grey Earrings Necklace Pink FWPearl, Silver Clasp Bracelet Pink FWPearl, Silver Clasp Necklace Black FWPearl, Silver Clasp Stud Earrings Grey FWPearls Necklace Khaki Keishi Pearl, Silver Clasp Necklace Pink Egg FWPearls, Silver Clasp


Large Torso Torso Face in Corner Pate deVerre

Artist: PENNY WARREN Jewellery

Stud Earrings green Grey Hoop Drop Earrings with Long Hoop

Artist: QUINN Jewellery

Bangle Ring Cufflinks Ring Ring Ring Ring Silver Ring Steel Diamond 0.02ct/ Matt Sil Necklace Pink Keshi Pearl + Topas Clip On Earrings Necklace Akoya Peacock Pearl, Carnealian Necklace Baroque Pearl, Carnealian,Peridot Necklace Mixed Stone Chain Chain Bracelet with Blue Topaz Necklace Ring Chalcedony Necklace Ring


Ring with 7 scattered Diamonds Beaten Shank Ring with 3mm Knife edge shoulders 4mm Earrings Tint Studs Stud Earrings 9ct Pendant Two 10mm Hearts Bangle/10 diamonds Ring with 7 diamonds Diamond Ring Bangles/9ct link

Artist: RICHIE ALLI Studio Glass

Perfume Bottle Small Perfume Bottle Large Woven Vase Medium Large Woven Vase


Lab Retreiving Large Pug  07/50 In the Field Majesty #03 Labrador Puppy Pair Pig Mice with Poppy Med Springer Spaniel Baby Elephant Running Med Springer Spaniel Cocker Spaniel with Mallards Robin Standing Sm Gloucester Old Spot Mouse on Apple Night Owl Baby Elephant Running Dachshund Sitting Water Meadow-Otter Swimming Labrador with Lead Springer Spaniel Retriever Sitting Spaniel with Mallards French Bull Dog Gloucester Old Spot Otters Swimming #41 Baby Elephant Running #1 Dachsund Pair #19 Medium Retriever Sitting Medium Playing Hares Pig Medium Gloucester Old Spot


Blue Shoal Bowl Merge Bowl
Merge Bowl Merge Bowl

Artist: ROGER HARRIS Printmaker

Rite of Spring Going for Gold Rainbow        23/100 Snowbow      23/100 All the World's a Stage (Framed) Dog Wood Etude III Etude IV


Fishing Boat Fishing Boat Fishing Boat Fishing Boat Fishing Boat Fishing Boat Fishing Boat Fishing Boat Fishing Boat Fishing Boat Fishing Boat Fishing Boat


Gleison Drop Blue Gleison Drop Texture Blue Gleison Drop Oranges

Artist: RUDI SAND Jewellery

Twist Ring Fold Ring Fold Ring

Artist: ROB WHELPTON Ceramics

Girl & Dog on Rock Chameleon on Rock Hare on Lidded Pot Boat Cat Bowl

Artist: RICHARD WILSON Ceramics

Large Blue Bowl V Shaped Mug Oval Cylinder Pot Tulip Bowl 16cm Tulip Bowl 22cm Lg Vase Pot Flat Large Thrown Jug Lg Open Bowl Mug Small Bowl Small Jug Small Jug Large Vase Lg Tall Straight Vase Bowl Wavy Edge Med Mug Med Mug Sml Jug Sml Flat Neck Jug Sml Straight  Vase Oval Straight Bowl Straight Vase Straight Vase Straight Vase Straight Vase 17cm Oval Straight Vase 11cm Oval Straight Vase 11cm Oval Straight Vase 8" Bottle


Roto Bottle Small Twist Marble Bottle Small Twist Marble Bottle Small Twist Bottle Twisted Tail Plain Large Topfin Bottle Spike Topfin Bottle Spike Elispse Bottle Mini Monisse Vase Monisse Vase Ludic Bottle Disk Ludic Bottle Oval Twisted Tail Single Twisted Tail Double Elipse Bottle Zest Bottle Mini Zest Bottle Mini Zest Bottle Mini Zest Bottle Mini Zest Bottle Mini Elipse Bottle Mini Elipse Bottle Mini Elipse Bottle Mini Elipse Bottle Mini Elipse Bottle Mini Elipse Bottle Mini Elipse Bottle Mini Ludic Bottle Pear Ludic Bottle Pear Ludic Bottle Pear Ludic Bottle Pear Ludic Bottle Flat Oval Ludic Bottle Flat Oval Ludic Bottle Disc Ludic Bottle Disc Elipse Stem Vase Topfin Bottle Plain Twist Tail Double Colour Lt. Ed Twist Tail Double Colour Lt. Ed Twist Tail Double Colour Lt. Ed Topfin Bottle Spike Giant Twisted Tail Polka Vase 2 Sirl Decanter Sirl Vase Joom Vase Novaccio Vase Joom Vase Curved Cone Bottle Lucid Vase Polka Decanter Fisheye Bowl Small Fisheye Vase Fresh Vase Finn Bottle Elipse Vase Tall Large Double Ludic Bottle Elipse Bottle Tall Topfin Bottle Zest Bottle Elipse Vase Tall Elipse Stem Vase Damask Vase Small Roto Bottle Large Ludic Bowl Zest Bottle Mini Zest Bottle Mini Topfin Bottle Twist

Artist: SUE BROWN Printmaker

On the Outside Light Sussex (sold unframed) Bluetit Light Sussex Cockeral I Escape Dig Deep Cockeral II 3 For a Girl 4 For a Boy Moth and Rook Two for Joy Two for More Joy Four for a Boy

Artist: STEVE BOSS Sculpture

Puffin Sparrow Avocet Standing Wren Life Size


Wallmounted Driftwood Fish Chubby Medium Wallmounted Driftwood Fish Chubby Medium Wallmounted Driftwood Fish Chubby Medium Wallmounted Driftwood Fish Chubby Medium Wallmounted Driftwood Fish Chubby Medium Wallmounted Driftwood Fish Chubby Medium Wallmounted Driftwood Fish Chubby Small Wallmounted Driftwood Fish Chubby Small


Iolite Pearls Necklace Necklace Necklace Snail Earrings with Turquoise Drop Necklace Necklace Necklace Earrings Snail 6mm Topaz Drop Earrings Topaz 5mm Necklace Necklace Necklace Bracelet Necklace Necklace Necklace Necklace Necklace Necklace Necklace Earrings Earrings Earrings Earrings Earrings Earrings Earrings Necklace

Artist: SUE DYER Ceramics

Black Porcelain Inlay Vessel Black Porcelain Inlay Vessel Monet Small Bowl Tall Moon Vase Small Pot Medium Moon Vase


Chapel Studs Chapel Earrings Large Chapel Pendant Birdhouse Earrings Beach Hut Earrings

Artist: SHEILA FLEET Jewellery

Morning Dew Necklace Rowen Moonstone Necklace Morning Dew Bracelet Ring New Wave New Wave Ring Moonlight Necklace Shoreline Pebble Cufflinks


Syrian Vase Small Opal Jug Pink Agate Bowl Zephyr Tall Vase Medium Opal Bowl Tumbler Confetti Tumbler Confetti Medium Nougat Vase Large Seismic Bowl Medium Seismic Bowl Nougat Fruit Bowl Seagrass Extra Large Bowl Medium Aqua Flotsam Bowl Medium Closed Vase Large Lime Bowl Medium Aqua Bowl Medium Blue Vase Flotsam Small Bowl Small Nut Bowl Seagrass Paperweight Hedgerow Med Bowl Hedgerow Cone Vase Seagrass Med Vase Seagrass Med Bowl Seagrass Large Weight L'Rocks Med Lustre Rocks Medium Vase Lustre Rocks Perfume Bottle Boulder Series Boulder Series


Fishbones  100cm x 100cm Bake Off Special  100cm x 100cm Still Waters Run Still


Relief 1 Relief 2 Wall Relief Sculpture Wall Relief Sculpture


Harmony of Heaven and Earth Peaceful Moments Houses Midnight Saga From Ocean Valley to Moon Glory Dreaming Butterfly Blossom of Happiness Dream Winds


Life Size Winter Robin Hedgehog Family Dormouse


City Birds (framed) Hot Stuff Unframed Fine Feathers Midnight Swim I Crouching Tiger   1/150  Framed Pillow Talk   70/100   Framed Pink Field Poppies   1/150   Framed Ma Cherie  27/175 Parrot Fish on Wedgewood  6/100 Scarlet Freesias 11/150 Evening Stroll 2    1/150 A Lovely Bunch of Carrots  1/100 Chinese Lanterns  6/150 Snow Dancer  10/150 Little Green Apples,  Ed No 2/150 Gold  AP Dancing on Ice  21/150 Liquid Gold  12/120 City Birds Birthday Tulips


Small Mug Cream Jug Milk Jug Extra Large Jug Large Jug Large Mug Mini Olive Bowl Small Bowl Large Mug Small Mug Medium Round Bellied Jug Flame

Artist: SUE PARRY Studio Glass

T Light T Light T Light T Light T Light T Light


Got a Girl A Convention of Comic Book Characters The Butterfly Man Matchboxes Target Lauren I Love You Wink


Little Denise Unframed Honey Hare Harry Hare Amber Eyes Call of the Wild Town and Country Spot the Dog Nuffin but Puffin Unframed Personal Best Unframed Stan the Man Unframed Hugo Unframed

Artist: SIMON RICH Ceramics

Lg Crystalline Dish Medium Crystalline Vase Crystalline Blue Dish Medium Vase with Bronze Neck Jade Crystalline Vase Crystalline Dish Crystalline Dish Med Crystalline Dish Sm Crystalline Dish


Nidula Cup Ring Pebbles Ring Amethyst & Diamond Pebbles Bangle

Artist: SIMON SHAW Ceramics

Bottle Vase Stopper Jar Lidded Jar

Artist: SARAH SAUNDERS Ceramics

Blue Striped Lady with Cat B/W Striped Man with Green Birds Blue Top Lady with Cat Large Cat with Bird

Artist: SUE URE

Frond Vase Small Kilta Bowl Riva Bowl Tiny Riva Bowl Small Riva Bowl Large Mug Yellow Mug Teapot

Artist: TRIANGEL Jewellery

Tanzanite Dot Earrings Silver Bubble Stud with Tanzanite Pearl Bubble studs Dots Bangle with Hinge Peridot Stud Earrings Topaz Stud Earrings Blue Moonstone Pendant Blue Moonstone Stud Earrings Moonstone Ring Silver Topaz Ring Multi Square Drop Pendant Multi White Topaz Silver Ring Crease Discs Bracelet Small Topaz Studs Small Peridot Studs Small Tsavorite Studs Crease Pink Studs Crease Blue Topaz Studs Crease Edge Topaz Necklace Crease Earrings Wide Crease Ring Large Topaz Crease Ring Med Topaz Crease Ring Small Topaz Crease Ring Topaz Studs Peridot Studs Amethyst Studs Stud Earrings with FW Pearl and G.Plate Raised Flat Disc Studs 4 Segment Drop Earrings Pointed Oval Studs Moonstone Studs Labradorite Ring Disc+FW Pearl Drop Necklace Necklace Aqua+Topaz Ring Large Linked Chain Neckace Centre Disc Necklace Neckace Earrings Ring Spiral Stud Earrings Stud Earrings Stud Earrings Ring + Topaz Large Hoop Earrings Stud Earrings Stud Earrings Opening Bangle Drop Earrings Creole Double Hoop Earrings Drop Earrings Necklace with Rose Quartz Multi Swirl Brushed Silver Ring Onyx and Amethyst Pendant Multi Garnet and Amethyst Bracelet Swirl and Drop Pearl Pendant Pendant Ring Creased Ring Labradorite Pendant 8mm Dots Earrings with Peridot Drop Earrings with Moonstone Ring Creased Siver Ring with 5mm Moonstone 5 Band Ring Pendant Blue Topaz + Pearl Tear Drop Moonstone Bracelet Earrings Earrings Earrings Rose Quartz Dots Earrings

Artist: TONY DIX Ceramics

Large Casserole Pot Mug Mug Small Jug Large Green Jug Blue Coffee Pot


Small Bowl, Squares Small Bowl

Artist: MICHAEL HUNTER Studio Glass

Large Zanfirico Perfume Bottle Zanfirico Bowl Large Zanfirico Penguin Vessel White Zanfirico and Coloured Tessuto Vessel Zanfirico Bottle Zan Vase Zanfirico Sweet Zanfirico Sweet Zanfirico Sweet Tutti Vase Zan Pod Tall Tawny Owl Illusion Pod Small Incalmo Perfume Pod Large Spirit Bowl Small Tumbler Small Tumbler Small Tumbler Small Tumbler Zan Owl Snowy Rio Flat Vase Sm Spirit Bowl Incalmo Perfume Bottle Apple Zanfirico+Murrine Rio Vase Zan Owl Tawney Pod Tall Pod Tall Pod Tall Pod Tall Incalmo Perfume Bottle Incalmo Perfume Bottle Incalmo Perfume Bottle Spirit Bowl Lizard Paperweight Lizard Paperweight Lizard Paperweight Lizard Paperweight Snowy Owl Lattice Perfume Bottle Zan Perfume Bottle Pod Perfume Bottle Pod Perfume Bottle Drop Vase Stepping Stones Vase Stepping Stones Perfume Bottle Auk Vessel

Artist: TEZER Jewellery

Flower Shaped Silver Ring with Cubic Zirconia Multi Hoop Gold Necklace Rectangular Clip Earrings with Flower Design Silver Necklace Silver Necklace Stud Earrings Round Stud Earrings Stud Earrings Earrings Thick Silver Bracelet Hammered Silver Circles Necklace by Tezer Silver Ring Silver Earrings Stud Silver Earrings Necklace Necklace Earrings Half Hoop with CZ Necklace Necklace Necklace Ring Pearl Ring Double Loop Band Brushed Gold Finish Ring Large Double Loop Gold Earrings with Diamonds Eternity Ring with Multiple Cubic Zirconias Multi Disc Layered Silver Ring Multi Loop Silver Irregular Band Ring Multi Strand Silver and Gold Plated Pendant with Cubic Zirconias Oval Gold Plated Clip on Earrings Earrings Clip Oval Curved Oval Silver Earrings Small Oval Polished Silver Stud Earrings Double Disc Etched Finish Stud Earrings 5 Band Ring with Brushed Finish Double Twist Band Ring with Diamond 4 Band Ring Brushed Finish with Diamond Ring Solid Band+ EternityCZ Ring Multi Band 3 Diamonds Necklace Stud Necklace Petal Earrings Necklace Necklace Necklace Bracelet Ring Earrings Gold Necklace Pendant Necklace Silver Necklace Silver Earrings Necklace Necklace Necklace Necklace Earrings Earrings Earrings Earrings Scratched Finish Earrings Earrings Scratched Finish Earrings Earrings Necklace 14ct Gold Necklace 14ct Gold Necklace 14ct Gold Necklace 14ct Gold Earrings 14ct Gold Earrings 14ct Gold Earrings 14ct Gold Earrings 14ct Gold Earrings 14ct Gold Earrings 14ct Gold Earrings 14ct Gold Earrings 14ct Gold Earrings 14ct Gold Necklace Clip Earrings Clip Earrings Earrings Earrings Earrings Earrings Earrings Earrings Earrings Earrings Earrings Earrings Clip Earrings Earrings Earrings N/L Multi Square 14ct Gold E/R Smooth Pebble 14ct Gold Stud 14ct  Gold Pebble Earrings Stud 14ct Gold Earrings N/L Scratched Finish Discs N/L Soft Triangel Scrathed Finish Chain Link Necklace G.Plate Studs Soft Square Studs Oval Scratched Finish Studs Oval Bean Scratched Finish Studs Oval Satin Finish Studs Soft Square Satin Finish Studs Soft Square Scratched Finish Studs Coffee Bean Satin Finish Earrings Coffee Bean Satin Finish Earrings Drop Spiral Satin Finish Stud Earrings Scratched Finish Stud Bean Earrings Satin Finish Stud Bean Earrings Scratched Finish N/L Multiple Circle N/L Satin/Smooth Coffee Bean Chain Double Hoop Pendant Studs Multiple Circle Ring Diamond and Gold Double Band Necklace Earrings Necklace Bracelet Bracelet Earrings GP Earrings GP Earrings Earrings Scratched Earrings Polished Earrings Silver Necklace Ovoid Shapes Necklace Bean shapes Necklace Bean shapes Bracelet Bean Shapes Drop E/R 2 Concave Ovals Drop E/R 3 Hoops Drop E/R 3 Oval Hoops Stud E/R Flat Bean Stud E/R Drop E/R Lg Bean Stud Domed E/R Stud E/R Bean Stud E/R Flat Bean Drop E/R Dot and Circle Stud E/R Domed Stud E/R Bean Drop E/R Bean Drop E/R Lg Bean Stud E/R Flat Bean Stud E/R Flat Bean Stud E/R Concave Drop E/R 3 Ovals Stud E/R Stud E/R 3 Ovals Stud E/R Bean B/L Small Squares Bean B/L Studs Curved Triangle Studs Beans Studs Soft Triangle Tear Drop E/R Drop E/R 2 Ovals Studs Dish Squares Studs Flower Curl E/R Drop E/R 2 Lg Ovals Drop E/R Soft Triangle Drop E/R 4 Dots Lg Drop Hoops Studs Ovaloid Studs Beans Studs Soft Dome Square Silver Necklace Silver Necklace Collier Silver Necklace Silver Necklace Silver Necklace Silver Necklace Silver Necklace with G.Plate Silver Pendant Heart Pendant Silver Pendant with Chain Circles Pendant Silver Pendant Pendant & Chain Silver Ring Silver Ring Silver Ring Drop Earrings Drop Earrings Stud Earrings Stud Earrings Stud Earrings Stud Earrings Drop Earrings Stud Earrings Drop Earrings Drop Earrings Earrings G.Plate Drop Earrings Stud Earrings Stud Earrings Stud Earrings Stud Earrings Drop Earrings Drop Earrings Drop Earrings Stud Earrings Stud Earrings Drop Earrings Drop Earrings Drop Earrings Drop Earrings Drop Earrings Drop Earrings Drop Earrings Drop Earrings Drop Earrings Drop Earrings Drop Earrings Stud Earrings Stud Earrings Stud Earrings Stud Earrings Silver Earrings Stud Earrings Stud Earrings Stud Earrings Stud Earrings Stud Earrings Stud Earrings Stud Ovoids Drop E/R 2 Dots Drop E/R 4 Dots E/R 3 Oval Dish Drop E/R Ribbon Drop E/R Tear Drop Drop R/R 2 Dots Drop E/R Lg Hoop+Disc Stud E/R Tassel Pendant Medium Bean Shaped Drop Earrings with Brushed Finish

Artist: TONY LAVERICK Ceramics

Small Vessel Ovaloid Topped Pot Saturn Bowl Large Round Pot, Lime, Peach, Turquoise Med Round Pot Light/Dark Blue,Ochre Open Bowl, Ochre, Orange, Turquoise Tall Pot with Rim, Ochre, Bronze with Panels Tall Pot Peach, Gold, Turquoise Shards Small Round Pot, Tan, Grey, Brown

Artist: TREVOR PRICE Printmaker

Conch Shells & Afternoon Tea Drawn towards the Light   149/150 Lunch at the Royal Festival Hall   21/100 Love & Lust II Seadance  I  Medium    1/ Seadance  III  Mediun   1/

Artist: TOM PETIT Studio Glass

Curved Stoppered Bottle Spring Tides Small Round Bottle Twisted Stoppered Bottle Jade Grey Skies Medium Bowl Grey Skies Round Bottle Olive Round Bottle Small Tall Vase Small Flat Vase Flat Stoppered Bottle Wide Conical Bottle

Artist: UGO BARACCO Printmaker

1 Gondola + Bridge Rialto + Poles Molo/Salute Rialto + Lamp Railings Gondolas + Salute 5 Boats + Bridge Salute + Lamp + Icon Grand Canal 5 Boats + Bridge Gondola + Salute 3 Gondolas + Lamp 3 Gondolas + Salute Gondola + Windows Duadecca Grand Canal Rialto + Lamp Rialto + Lamp

Artist: UNIQUE Jewellery

Pendant Ring Titanium Ring 6mm +14ct gold Pendant Steel Ring Ring


Nightlight Very Small Pot Medium Dish Small Dish

Artist: VINCENT VAN HEES Jewellery

Gold Wedding Ring Gold Wedding Ring Gold Wedding Ring


Moon Diamond Ring Cosmic Berries Ring Cosmic Berries Ring Branches Topaz Ring


Staffey Staffy Fox Terrier Westie Sharpei Black Pug English Bull Terrier Black Staffy