Colour is the essential ingredient in Christopher Comins' work in glass. Brought up in Australia, he is haunted by the sunshine, clear blue skies and large landscapes. He has travelled extensively in the Far East, India and Europe, and his visual memories are translated into his free-blown glass pieces, plates, vases and scent bottles, all of great beauty and luminosity.

He creates a colourful landscape in glass by integrating colour using various techniques. He uses a combination of trailed coloured glass, powdered glass and cane which are set off by an opaque white background of clear glass. The forms are fluid and spontaneous, making the pieces lively, decorative, abstract and free.

Pink, blue, green and turquoise are part of his current soft harmonious palette. Areas of texture and dashes of colour in the work suggest the influence of painters such as Kandinsky, Miro and Klee.

Born in Sydney, Australia in 1954, Christopher Comins trained at Sydney University, then becoming apprenticed to Sam Hermann. In the early 1980's he worked with Charlie Meaker and also with Neil Wilkin. In 1987, he set up his first workshop in Camden, and since 1991, he has worked from Gloucestershire. During 1990 - 91, he travelled in India and Australia.

His work has been established extensively in Europe, Britain, Japan and the U.S.A., being represented at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Christopher Comins is recognised as one of the leading craftsmen in the art of glass-making today.