Devon based furniture designer / maker Edward Wild combines contemporary design with traditional craftsmanship. He is a member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen, with his work exhibited in a number of select U.K galleries. His passion for quality craftsmanship includes the design and making of furniture alongside the sourcing of interesting and beautiful woods, from scented apple and damson wood, to the rich tones of English walnut.

Edwards's interest in furniture design and quality craftsmanship developed at an early age whilst watching his grandfather in his furniture workshop. He later inherited his grandfathers tools which he now uses daily. He made his first substantial pieces, in his early teens from an ash log sawn and planked by his brother, an early piece from which his work has evolved.

Edward later trained with the prominent furniture designer/maker David Savage, where Edward now teaches a number of specialist courses at the David Savage Furniture School.

Edward Likes to work with trees and timber which have unusual characteristics, such as damson wood with its purple streaking, or spindle wood with its bright lemon colour. Edwardss brother is in the forestry industry, making it possible to select timber from a standing tree to a sawn log, and finally making it into a piece of furniture.

Edward makes one off commissions as well as a range of studio pieces including his selection of jewellery and occasional boxes, each of which is inlayed with his trademark flower.

Care for your Box

Clean or dust with a cotton duster and avoid commercial polishes.

If scuffed or marked, the polish can be restored with a fine coat of beeswax applied with a cotton cloth.

The wood may change colour if left in direct sunlight for long periods of time.