Kevin Hutson started over a period of 28 years turning conventional shapes and perfecting his craft found the need to advance towards more aesthetic shapes. Within that period of time I have been turning professionally for 15 years.

Inspirations have been the Sculpture Barbara Hepworth and the study of oriental architecture, this I try to install in my work by the movement of wood to form more flowing lines then seen in conventional turning.

Having used exotic hardwoods I now use Sycamore and Ash with the use of subtle textures and tones. Each piece is hand finished by using a mixture of oils to complement the subtle tones used. The work he creates for galleries varies in sizes from 10cm/4" up to 55cm/22" diameter.

His work can be seen in galleries throughout the UK. He has taught woodturning in HM Prison and to various woodturning and furniture societies in Sussex.