The jewellery in Deco Echo's collections are designed by over 30 individual designers, most of them from Poland. By comparing the collections you can see the difference in the designers approach to jewellery. The collections are created both by established Polish designers,recognized in Europe, as well as young talented designers with great new ideas.

There is a great tradition of silver jewellery design in Poland that is now being noticed all over Europe. Poland is no longer regarded only as a huge market for amber but also as the home of unique and modern jewellery inspiration.
The Polish vision of making jewellery is often quite different from what you can see in other countries. Through years we have created our own style which is now recognizable in the worlds jewellery design. However within Polish design there are lots of different streams, and trends. Working with so many creative artists makes their collection so interesting and different.

Most of the jewellery is made of 925 silver, treated in different ways to obtain a wide range of finishes and colours, that usually give astounding effects. There are also other materials used: classical and precious like gold, steel, titanium, stones, amber, as well as more unconventional like silk, leather, ceramics, chiffon, fabric and metal fibre threads. It is however not the material but the design that makes their jewellery so unique.