The inspiration for Jane Moore's jewellery often derives from the figures and creatures, both real and imaginary, which are depicted in the art of ancient cultures. She develops her ideas in a sketchbook and eventually produces a finished design which she has photo-etched onto silver sheet which has a British Hallmark. Then, using enamels, she gives colour to the image.

Enamelling is a process which fuses thin layers of coloured glass to a metal surface. When heated in a kiln, the glass liquifies and fuses to the metal. A centuries old craft, enamelling is a very exacting technique requiring the finest, purest materials and meticulous care to avoid and impurities which can taint the flawless beauty of the melted glass.

With its long history and delicate purity of colour, enamelling is most evocative of the imagery of the distant cultures which developed the art.

Jane Moore's jewellery is distinctive for its fine finish and glowing colours, depicting a variety of creatures and figures, some almost naive in style, and always with great charm and appeal in their patterns and expressions.

She works from her studio in Warwickshire.