Manu Jewellery, the name is synonymous with its product philosophy. Manu is Latin for Made by Hand, meaning that every piece from the Hamelin based jewellery workshop (the town where the Pied Piper stories originated) is handcrafted by qualified goldsmiths.

Manus jewellery focuses mainly on elegant silver designs incorporating 22ct or 24ct fine gold pieces and details - all manufactured in small series. Particular attention is paid to the unusual technical solutions incorporated into their necklace and bracelet clasps, giving the pieces a characteristically sophisticated feel.

Clear and often geometrical shapes dominate, with stones setting restrained highlights without being pushed to the foreground.

The designer Ilse Ebert is responsible for a substantial part of the collections 250 pieces, mainly necklaces, rings and earrings. Manu introduces between 60 to 70 new designs throughout the year whilst withdrawing older ones, keeping the range fresh and contemporary.