Perry Lancaster was born in 1969. He was brought up and educated in Cambridgeshire where he met and started his woodcarving career with John Fox in 1988. After John's death in 1991 Perry decided to carry on alone. He moved to Sussex in 1996, then to France in 2000.

Perry Lancaster produces a range of wonderfully stylised animals, mainly cats which are sold in certain galleries around the country as well as America and Japan.

His pieces are totally hand carved form English or exotic woods that come only from sustainable sources. They are then hand polished to a silk finish using sandpaper, and finally a secret blend of beeswax and natural oil is applied to bring out the full potential of the wood.
"When I finish each piece, it gives me a great feeling to know that it is a totally natural product, with nothing synthetic added which would detract from it".
The designs have a timeless appeal. Their smooth, tactile forms capture the attitudes of the animals represented with charm and simplicity, and with the understanding that comes from careful observation, and an empathy with the very nature of the wood from which they are shaped.

His work has been exhibited in the following Galleries:

Bluecoat Display Centre - Liverpool
Dansel Gallery - Abbotsbury
Pyramid Gallery - York
Hugo Barclay - Brighton
Godfrey & Twatt - Harrogate
Primavera - Cambridge
Montpellier Gallery - Stratford-upon-Avon